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The Tiempo Legend VI FG is a legendary soccer cleat from Nike, designed to empower players to leave their mark on the game. With a heritage that spans over two decades, the Tiempo series has been a favorite among soccer players of all levels, from amateur enthusiasts to world-class professionals. The Tiempo Legend VI FG continues the tradition of excellence with its exceptional craftsmanship, superior performance, and timeless design.

Craftsmanship and Technology: Nike’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation is evident in the Tiempo Legend VI FG. The boot is meticulously designed to provide the utmost comfort and performance on the field:

  1. Premium Kangaroo Leather: The Tiempo Legend VI FG features a premium Kangaroo leather upper that offers unmatched touch and ball control. The natural leather molds to the foot over time, creating a personalized fit that enhances the player’s feel for the ball.
  2. All Conditions Control (ACC) Technology: The ACC technology integrated into the upper ensures consistent ball control in both wet and dry conditions. It allows players to maintain their grip on the ball, regardless of the weather, enhancing their confidence and performance on the pitch.
  3. A Lightweight Fit: Despite its leather construction, the Tiempo Legend VI FG is surprisingly lightweight, ensuring that players can move swiftly and agilely on the field without feeling weighed down.
  4. Flywire Cables: The Flywire cables integrated into the lacing system provide excellent midfoot lockdown, giving players enhanced stability and support during quick changes of direction.

Firm Ground Performance: The “FG” in the Tiempo Legend VI FG stands for “Firm Ground,” making it ideal for play on natural grass pitches. The combination of the boot’s stud configuration and materials offers exceptional traction, allowing players to accelerate, decelerate, and make sharp turns with ease. Whether you’re a midfielder distributing precise passes, a defender making crucial tackles, or a forward looking to score goals, the Tiempo Legend VI FG is engineered to enhance your performance in every aspect of the game.

Timeless Design: One of the most iconic aspects of the Tiempo series is its timeless design. The Tiempo Legend VI FG carries on this tradition with its classic and elegant appearance. Its sleek and understated look, featuring the iconic Nike Swoosh and Tiempo branding, exudes a sense of tradition and professionalism on the pitch.

Conclusion: The Tiempo Legend VI FG is a soccer cleat that has stood the test of time, earning its place as one of Nike’s most beloved and enduring soccer boot collections. With its premium materials, innovative technology, and classic design, the Tiempo Legend VI FG is built to cater to the needs of players who value touch, control, and performance. Whether you’re an aspiring young talent or an experienced player looking to maintain your legacy on the field, the Tiempo Legend VI FG is a reliable companion that will help you leave your mark on the beautiful game.

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Green, Black, White

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10, 10,5, 9


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